Infant Gifts: Give the Gift of Sign Language

A unique gift to give an infant is a product which teaches them baby sign language. Baby sign language is used to give a child more communication with everyone. Many babies give their first sign around 6-8 months. However, parents can start signing as early as they choose because the baby will begin to understand before they can sign back. Babies that sign generally develop cognitive skills sooner than babies who do not sign. Parents can sign whatever feels natural to them.

The benefits of baby signing are plentiful. Parents can bond with their child before the child can form words. Crying is primarily the only form of communication a baby has. When the baby learns to sign it gets a second, more efficient form of communication. Babies get frustrated the same way adults do when they are trying to explain themselves over and over and no one seems to understand. That is exactly the situation that is occurring when a baby is crying. A child can tell their parent why they are crying then the parent can better understand what needs to be done to better the situation. Signing decreases the amount of time parents spend guessing. This will make the parents feel more confident. It will also increase the childís self-esteem because the parent is making an effort to better understand them. This will make the child more apt to learn. Signing infants can learn to talk more quickly than ones who do not sign. The baby feels more satisfied once they begin to sign.

There are many items available to assist parents with signing to their baby. There are books which can be read and signed at the same time. There are many videos which will entertain the infant and simultaneously teach signing. Classes, flashcards, and toys are also available which teach baby sign language. These are all things which can be given as great infant gifts and what better gift is there than communication.