Infant Gifts for Boys and Girls

There are many infant gifts that are fun to buy and even more fun to give. The choices are endless, so you know you will end up picking something that both baby and parents will love.

Activity play mats are always a fun gift for a baby. These come in many different shapes and sizes, and include lots of colorful activities for the baby to play with. Activity mats are meant for a baby to lay back on, and most have a piece that arches over the baby so that they can kick at it. For tummy time, activity mats are very useful because of the many different things the baby has to play with on the mat.

Mobiles for the crib are also an excellent infant gift. A good idea is to find a mobile that is black, red, and white, since experts say these are the colors an infant can focus on the best. Mobiles come in many shapes and sizes, from stationary to rotating ones, those with music boxes and those with dancing lights.

Musical toys and stuffed animals are a gift for a baby that will always be appreciated. Babies love to cuddle soft, plushy animals, and if they make noise, even better. Toys are made for infants now as young as newborns, and ones that make music will keep babyís attention for a good while. A toy or animal that plays soft, classical music is an excellent idea.

When you buy infant gifts, always be sure that they are age appropriate and safe. Toys and gifts should have nothing on them that can be pulled off and swallowed, as babies will put what they can in their mouth. Have fun shopping.