Infant Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is a fun time to shop for presents, and finding those special infant gifts is certainly just as fun. There are many cute and exciting things you can get for the infant on your list, which will make both baby and parents happy.

Babyís firsts are great Christmas gifts for a new baby. For example, an engraved first stocking, ornament, figurine or Christmas doll will be kept for years to come. Teddy bears or dolls that talk or sing with the year stitched on them are also a great gift and a good way to memorialize the year baby was born. Buy a pretty photo frame and have babyís information engraved upon it, and either give as is or with a picture of the baby in it.

Manger sets for infants are also a popular Christmas gift to give, and can be found in many stores, and more easily online. You can find sets that are geared specifically to a small baby with little people and animals in soft cushiony fabrics.

Travel toys are an excellent idea for Christmas infant gifts. Many people travel for the holidays, and having some new toys to keep baby busy is a must. Opt for toys that can be attached to a car seat or baby carrier, and try to find ones that are stimulating and colorful. Babyís attention will be drawn to your gift, and Mom and Dad can have a peaceful drive.

If you are unsure of what to get an infant for Christmas, try a gift certificate for the parents that are for a specific baby store. Or e-gift certificates, used for online shopping are the perfect gift for those with computers. That way the new parents can order what they want from the comfort and convenience of their home.