Infant Gifts For Every Stage

Infancy is a term used to generally describe the age of 0 through 12 months old. Even though this one year period is consider infancy, there are many stages within it. Depending on the stage of the infant you are buying a gift for, there are choices that are better suited than others. Finding the right gift for the current stage can be a challenge.

he very first stage is the newborn stage. This lasts from birth until about 3 months old. During this time the baby typically engages in bodily functions. Though it seems like the simplest of stages, there is still a lot of development going on. During these first few months, the child will begin to learn to hold things, move his arms, and control his head. These things are all very important skills, and there are gifts that are suited to helping this type of development.

Items best suited for the newborn stage include rattles, soft books, and play mats. Rattles and soft books are both things a child can learn to grab and move. They also wonít do much harm if the baby accidentally hits himself because the movements are uncontrolled. Play mats give baby a chance to look up at things and work on moving their arms in a slightly more controlled fashion to get the things above them. They will also allow baby to have things to look at and play with during tummy time, which is ideal for helping him learn to lift and control his head.

The second stage is between the ages of 3 months to about 6 months old. During this time an infant will begin to roll around, gain more movement control, and will start to coo in conversation. The toys from the newborn stage are all still wonderful choices because they will continue to help develop all of the skills the baby has started to learn already. Additionally, this is a good time for things like Exersaucers and jumpers can be introduced. They will give the baby a chance to work on building leg muscle and head control. Another attribute is that they also give the babies a chance to view and interact with the world from a different perspective while giving them some independence from being held all the time.

The third stage is crawling. This runs from about 6 months to 9 months. During this time, toys that can be pushed around by a child on their knees are wonderful. A child learning to crawl will enjoy having things to push around or crawl after. He will be able to sit and have more control of what heís doing with the things in his hands. This makes it a perfect time to introduce blocks and balls into his toy collection as well.

The final stage is learning to walk. Between about 9 months and 12 months, most children will start to learn to walk. After this stage, they leave infancy behind and become toddlers. During this stage, they will love to be able to walk with some freedom. Many children learn by pulling up on the sofa and cruising along it without letting go. Toys that allow them to cruise where they want while still having something to help them are wonderful. Look for toys that allow them to walk while just holding on, instead of toys that hold them up in a seat while they walk.

These are just some ideas for the stages that infants go through. Next time you go gift buying for an infant, think about what stage that infant is in and what you can buy that will help support and encourage development within that stage.