Infant Gifts for the Breastfeeding Baby Ė and Mother

Breastfeeding gifts benefit babies as much as mothers. They provide support to mothers in the crucial first days of breastfeeding, when most people give up and switch to formula, which helps baby get the best gift of all Ė motherís milk. Instead of discouraging the breastfeeding pair by buying bottles and formula, purchase products to encourage that special nursing relationship. Here are a few items moms Ė and babies Ė will thank you for.

Nursing Stool

A nursing stool allows mom to rest her feet while nursing, which helps her get the best latch while not straining her back.

Nipple Cream

The first days of breastfeeding take a toll on a motherís nipples. Nipple cream, made from lanolin or herbal remedies, provides relief to cracked or sore nipples.

Breast Pumps and Milk Storage

Baby deserves the best food, even when momís away. A quality breast pump efficiently and comfortably pumps milk from momís breast. Electric ones require no work, and some brands can pump both breasts at once.

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow frees momís hands and properly aligns baby with the nipple, allowing mom to focus on other things, like getting a correct latch. The pillow can double as an infant lounger and tummy time wedge in later months.

Nursing Clothes

Specially-made nursing clothes allow mom to conveniently and discreetly nurse baby wherever, whenever. Nursing tanks, shirts, and dresses allow easy access to the breast without compromising momís style.

Breastfeeding Books

Arm mom with knowledge. Even though breastfeeding is 100 percent natural, there is a learning process involved. Luckily, many breastfeeding how-to books are available to teach mom the correct technique. Choose from a wide variety of straight-forward humorous and in-depth texts.

Nursing Pads

Nursing pads discreetly hide milk leakage, a common annoyance in the early months. Choose from disposable or reusable pads.

Breastfeeding Advocacy Clothes

Let your breastfeeding pair show off their pride Ė and efforts Ė with cute nursing advocacy tee-shirts and onesies. You can even find them printed on organic fabric made in the U.S.

Whatever infant gift you choose for the breastfeeding pair, youíll be sending a supportive and encouraging message Ė something thatís desperately needed in the early days of nursing. Mom will be happy and baby will thrive on the best gift of all. What more could a family ask for?