Infant Gifts for Twins

When twins are born, the presents have to be doubled. Finding infant gifts for twins is easy, as the parents will need so much.

A double stroller is an excellent for twins. Find one that is lightweight and folds up easy, but is still sturdy and durable. You can get one with lots of storage space, which will be greatly appreciated, or an umbrella stroller for a quick walk. Whatever you buy, make sure it complies with all safety regulations.

Essentials are a great baby gift for the parents of twins. This will include diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, burp rags, and of course, clothes. If the mom is bottle feeding, then lots of bottles are a good present, as is formula if you know the brand they use. Bath items, such as shampoo, baby towels, washcloths and baby bath, are also a good idea. Toys and teddy bears make great gifts too, as there will always be a need for lots of them. When buying clothes, you may want to check with the parents first. Some like to dress twins the same, while others like them to be dressed differently.

One of the best gifts you can give parents of infant twins is the gift of time. Offer your help as a babysitter, or even just offer to help clean up the house. Hire a maid service for them for a day. Give the new parents a gift certificate for a movie or for dinner, and also the offer of a night of free babysitting while they take advantage of it. This may be just one of the most appreciated gifts that they will receive.

Personalized items are also a good idea for twins. Picture frames, clothing and blankets personalized with the twins names, birthday, weight and height will be a gift that all will love.