Infant Gifts in Motion

These gift ideas move the baby in some sort of fashion. Beginning with one that is designed to calm a restless or tired baby, to those that aid in the babyís development.

Bouncers are a great item for infants. They come in many different colorful designs and themes and many come with mobiles hanging above the infant. All bouncers have buckles to secure the infant so the mother doesnít have to worry about the baby sliding out of it. Even the newest baby can be put in a bouncer because it isnít necessary for the baby to be able to hold its head up in order to enjoy a bouncer. Most are equipped with vibrating mechanism that gently jiggles the baby to sleep. Once the infant gets older and starts kicking its feet, the kicking motion will in turn cause the bouncer to bounce up and down, more so than the vibrating did. An adult can also gently rock the baby to sleep in the bouncer. They are a great thing to take along when baby goes to the grandparentsí house because of their small size and light weight.

When the baby can hold up its head, then itís ready for a walker. The child sits in the walker and scoots to move around much like an adult would while sitting in a chair with wheels. Like bouncers, they come in many different variations. Most all walkers have toys that encircle the infant. He or she can then move around and play with the toys or be free to explore its surroundings. It is important to that the walker has a folding mechanism which will stop it from falling down stairs; however it is important to never leave an infant unattended.

Another gift great for infants is a jumper. Jumpers come in two different styles. One style clips over a doorway, the jumper hangs down towards the floor. The other style is made almost like a walker but the infant is in a standing position instead of a sitting position. The seat bounces up and down as the infant jumps. Some types of jumpers have toys that light up and play music as the child jumps.

Giving the gift of motion has its benefits, from a calmer baby to assistance in leg strengthening and learning how to walk.