Infant Gifts That Arenít Clothes

When you first hear that your friend is pregnant, the first gift idea that comes to mind is clothes. But when you talk to your other friends, you find that everyone is getting her clothes. Not wanting to get her the same thing as everyone else, you start to wonder what else there is.

One of the main reasons for considering clothes for an infant is because they are cute and can be an inexpensive choice when compared to some of the other things on the market. Swings, cribs, and changing tables are all nice, but they also have hefty price tags. A cute little dress or sailor suit is much less likely to break the bank. Keeping this in mind, there are still other options besides clothes.

A couple of smaller stuffed animals, that are just right for baby-sized hands, make a great gift. These will give the child something to grab, mouth, and cuddle safely. They can also be fairly inexpensive. This is a great option for anyone who wants to find something cute without adding yet another ruffled diaper cover to the pile the new parents already have. With a little searching, you can also find these adorable little animals with rattles inside them or other little noise making pieces for additional fun and stimulation for the baby.

Any small blanket is also a wonderful choice, especially if that little blanket has tags or knots of fabric around the edges. Every baby is given at least one large blanket, but those can be hard for the child to move or hold onto when they are out and about. A small blanket, only about a square foot or so, is the perfect size for little hands to hold and snuggle. Itís also small enough that the parents donít have to worry about it sliding out of a stroller or car seat as easily a larger blanket might. Blankets with little tags or knots of fabric also provide them something to chew on, finger, or rub when they need a little something extra. This is a wonderful, inexpensive gift that the child and parents alike will love.

These are just a couple of things available that make great, inexpensive baby gifts beyond clothing. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to look a little further in the baby department and see what else is hidden out there. New parents often receive tons of clothing for a new baby, but not nearly as many other things. Next time you need to buy a present for a baby consider the things mentioned here and buy that baby something special.