Infant Gifts Without Batteries

In a world filled with technology, it can be hard to find things that donít require at least one or two batteries to make them work. The number of needed batteries adds up quickly, and you go through them even faster. The cost of batteries can be high, which makes it all that more appealing when gifts given to an infant donít require any batteries.

Remember a time when children played outside more than inside, and toys didnít require batteries? These toys may have had bells and whistles on them, but you had to do the work yourself if you wanted them to ring or blow. Finding toys like this can be a challenge today, but itís not impossible. and itís worth the search.

Some of the most obvious choices for toys without batteries are blocks, books, and balls. Even these arenít all battery free anymore, but itís still fairly easy to find ones that are. Some items, like a regular ball, can only be easily found when they are considered to be in season. Others, like books and blocks can be found year round.

You mightíve thought dolls would be an obvious choice for a toy without batteries, but unfortunately, the majority of dolls on the market today have batteries that make them cry, talk, or do something else. It takes a little more work to find a doll that is run completely by imagination and doesnít require any extra technology. Despite the need for a little extra searching, a doll is still a wonderful gift for an infant, as long as you double check to make sure there are no small pieces or long strings before you give it to them.

No child really needs a talking, light-up toy to teach them the ABCs or their 123s. In the past, children learned all of these things without technology taking on the roll of parent and teacher. With a little time and effort, you can find quality gifts that will help the parents to be their infantís first and very best teacher of all.