Practical Infant Gifts

There are many wonderful items available for infants these days. Some are more practical than others. As cute as the knit one-piece play suit is, the fact that it has only 3 tiny buttons in the back and no easy access for diaper changes makes it completely impractical. The problem is that, if youíve never been a parent, you may not have any idea what is actually practical.

Some of the very best practical gifts are very basic. Onesies, diapers, wipes, receiving blankets, and other seemingly mundane items are wonderful gifts. The number of these items that an infant can go through in just one day is amazing. These are things that you canít have too many of. In fact, no matter how many you do have, it always seems like you need more. As a parent, it can be wonderful to have someone give you things you need more of, instead of just adding to the pile of stuff that you could happily skip altogether.

Another practical present that the parents will adore is babysitting. Whether this means you are offering to babysit or you are giving them money to hire someone else to, it is by far one of the best gifts you could give. It is very important to the development of a child that they learn to be with other people without their parents around. This does not mean a child needs to be put in daycare, but it does mean that the occasional babysitter can be a wonderful thing for a child. It is also a wonderful experience for the parents. Parents of infants often donít get much, if any, time alone. Having someone come in and baby sit, even if itís just for an hour, can be a perfect chance for the parents to take a break and come back feeling refreshed. This makes for a better environment for everyone in the family.

The next time you are looking at that very cute but completely impractical gift, take a moment to consider what youíre giving the baby and the family. Infants donít need a million toys, but they do use a million diapers, wipes, and onesies. The parents will be grateful for the more practical items or time away. The infant will be happy to play with the paper and open the present; they donít actually care what is inside. When giving a gift to an infant, the most practical thing to do is consider the needs and wants of the parents as well.