Soothing Infant Gifts

There is nothing a mother wants more than to be able to soothe a cranky infant. Many gifts are available for such a cause.

A good gift for a new baby is something which will remind it of living inside of mom. Teddy bears and lights which attach to the crib are some of the things made to mimic womb sounds. Hearing womb sounds will help soothe a new baby in their unfamiliar environment because it lends of sense of comfort, of familiarity. Swaddling a baby in a blanket is soothing--there are blankets made especially for swaddling. The blankets attach with Velcro which makes it easier to swaddle a baby. The tight, “swaddled” environment makes the baby feel like it’s in its first home--the womb.

Babies are comforted by rocking motions. Machines which can rock and cradle give a parent time to relax. Two great gift items are a baby swing and glider. A baby swing does exactly what swings are traditionally known for and babies find this calming and relaxing. The swing has buckle that prevents the baby from falling out—the worry for safety is removed. Most swings play music and have a mobile for the baby to watch. Some swings also have a toy bar. The average swing is pretty large, but there are also travel size swings. Gliders work a lot like swings but instead of rocking they glide. It keeps the baby at one level, parallel to the floor, and only move back and forth on a static track, as opposed to the arc motion through the air.

Baby carriers are indispensable, and besides being utilitarian for the parents, are a source of comfort for the child. The latest version is the sling. Besides allowing the parent to carry the child hands-free, it’s a more natural position for a baby in repose than regular carriers. They’re both available if the parent prefers the original version. Some carriers are made to be worn on the back, the chest, and the hip. Carriers are helpful when an infant does not want to be put down. Sometimes babies just need the close proximity to Mom, and this helps keep her arms from tiring out.

Gifts that soothe and comfort an infant are a considerate choice for both the baby and mother. They also help acclimate infants to their new world; they are the perfect “world warming” gift.